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If you're in the market for quality inventory insurance, you've come to the right place.

The Inventory Insurance Program is designed specifically to meet the needs of Northpoint Commercial Finance dealers.

We provide outstanding levels of coverage and simple deductibles, making sure you have a great insurance experience!


Program Administered by Lockton Affinity, LLC
P.O. Box 410679 Kansas City, MO 64141-0679
888.286.1808 | northpointcfiip@locktonaffinity.com

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Northpoint Commercial Finance does not sell, solicit, or negotiate insurance, and is not licensed to do so. Participation by Northpoint Commercial Finance dealers in the Inventory Insurance Program is voluntary and at the discretion of dealers. Northpoint Commercial Finance will receive an administrative fee from Lockton Affinity for the billing and collection services it provides for the Inventory Insurance Program.